We sell 12 quality, seed corn hybrids starting at $85/unit at 12 quality, seed corn hybrids starting at $85/unit at

Your Wholesale Partner

We Supply Our Seed

You have a customer looking for seed, but you either lack the supply or the price stinks. Buy seed from Cover Crop Exchange at current pricing, and sell it at whatever price you want. We'll serve as your silent partner, handling all logistics — including direct shipping — with a double-blind BOL and custom seed tags, so you keep your customers, happy.

How It Works

  • We quote delivered prices, shipped direct to your warehouse or customer.
  • We handle all aspects of shipping
  • As your silent partner, we bill you directly and secure payment pre-shipping
  • Invoice — and determine markup — for your customers
  • Double-blind BOL means your customers won't see our name on shipping documents, and your customers are yours to keep.
  • Custom seed tags ensure you stay front and center on seed labels