We sell 35 quality, Non-GMO seed corn hybrids starting at $85/unit at 35 quality, Non-GMO seed corn hybrids starting at $85/unit at
A Farmer-to-Farmer, Cover Crop Marketplace
Transparent Pricing
We quote delivered prices direct to your farm so that you know exactly what your costs are.
High Quality Seed
We source seed from the best growers in the industry.
Connecting Neighbors
When possible, we connect you directly to local growers that meet or exceed our industry leading standards for seed quality.
Cover Crop Exchange

Everything today seems to be connected, yet the growers of seed and the buyers of seed seem to be very disconnected. We connect growers and buyers of cover crops, providing a premium for the growers of covers, while also providing buyers with discounted prices compared to traditional dealer models. When both buyers and sellers win, communities thrive.

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High Quality Seed

Growers located in different areas of the county, specialize in varying crops. Certain species produce better seed in specific climates. We use this knowledge to provide you with seed from a network of growers located throughout the country.

Farming is Changing

Farming is changing dramatically. Has the way you market your crops kept up? We are here to help you diversify your farming operation, while maximizing net return per acre. Let us help you work less ground while making more money.

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