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Announcing Cover Crop Exchange: A new way to buy and sell seed

We launched Cover Crop Exchange with the idea that the connection between growers and buyers should be as direct as possible. We want to ensure that seed producers get a fair price for the crops they produce and buyers get significant discounts. All too often in agriculture, the farmers are the ones who carry the burden of most of the risk while the middlemen make most of the money. How would you feel if your waitress earned 150 percent markup above menu price on your burger, simply to walk it over to your table? We feel the same. This is why we decided to do something about it by putting the farmer at the forefront of everything we strive to do. We only win when the farmer wins.

Most of us know that regional climate has a direct impact on the performance of certain plant species. For example, a cereal rye seed produced in Canada is going to have a different growth pattern compared with cereal rye seed that is grown in Oklahoma. In essence, crops are going to perform best in a given area if that seed was produced in the same region and acclimated to the local climate. This approach also supports local seed growers and keeps the money spent by seed customers in the local community.

At Cover Crop Exchange, our main objective is to provide a marketplace for the exchange of cover crops between growers and buyers. After countless discussions with farmers throughout the years, we realized that many producers want to raise alternative crops, such as cover crops, as a way to diversify their farm and maximize net return per acre. One of the reasons they are seeking new opportunities is because current commodity prices have many of them asking what else they can grow to make ends meet without the high inputs that traditional commodity crops usually require.

We would appreciate the opportunity to chat with you about the ability to buy cover crop seed at a discount, grow cover crops for sale direct from your farm or simply to answer any questions you may have about building soil health and diversifying your farm. We are here so that your operation can become more productive, profitable and resilient.