We sell 17 quality, $85/unit seed corn hybrids at 17 quality, $85/unit seed corn hybrids at
A marketplace to diversify your crops and sell direct to buyers.
Diversify your cropping systems without worrying about the headache of marketing alternative crops.
Increase Profits
Growing non-commodity crops can decrease your risk to market fluctuations & increases your net profit per acre.
Spread Out Your Workload
Vary your workload by planting and harvesting alternative crops at different times of the year.
1. Grow and Harvest
Educational Materials
Blogs and video content to help you grow with the best chance of success.
Complimentary Consulting
Have a problem or question? We are here to help. We succeed only when you succeed.
Average Pricing Data
Using data from our marketplace, we can help you make decisions on what crops to grow.
2. Seed Cleaning and Testing
Quality Testing
We use a third-party seed lab to verify quality and purity.
On-farm Seed Cleaning
We work with mobile seed cleaners that come right to your farm.
After cleaning, your seed can be packaged so it's ready to ship out at any point.
3. Sell on Our Marketplace
Don't worry about marketing your product to buyers. That's where we come in.
Shipping Logistics
We'll use our trusted shipping providers to pick up the product from your farm -- and deliver to theirs.
We make sure money is collected before seed ships out to ensure timely and secure payment for you product.