We sell 17 quality, $85/unit seed corn hybrids at 17 quality, $85/unit seed corn hybrids at
Promote and Earn $

Passionate about soil health and nutrient dense food? Promote Cover Crop Exchange to farmers, gardeners, or anyone interested in buying cover crop seeds. In exchange, we'll pay you commission for every sale that comes to the site through your recommendation. No commitment, no hassle, just promote and earn money.

We're doing this in an attempt to promote soil health through the use of cover crops nationwide.

How does it work?
  1. Sign Up by joining the list below and we will contact you with details.
  2. We'll send you a promo code for you to share with referrals.
  3. When the buyer uses the Promo code they'll get a discount on their order (percentages vary by product). We'll also notify you when this occurs.
  4. We'll keep you in the loop (and the buyer) by sending you order status updates including shipping & delivered states. Once the order has been delivered, we'll send your commission as a thanks for promoting our brand.