Looking for conventional seed corn for $85/unit? Conventional Seed Corn for $85/unit

How Selling Works

  1. Create an Account with Cover Crop Exchange in order to list seed for sale.
  2. Once an account is created, you will have the ability to Create a Seed Listing, make changes to posted listings, and track sale history through the customer portal. Note that more detailed information will be required upon entering a new listing regarding seed variety, quality, quantity, and other aspects needed for an accurate listing.


We believe that farmers know best about what price they need from a crop in order to make ends meet and ensure a secure and profitable farming operation. Because of this, we allow farmers to list the price that they believe is fair for them and fair for the buyer.


We provide secure and easy methods of payments through our platform in order to protect both buyers and sellers. Payments are secured prior to seed shipment and paid out after delivery.


Shipping products these days can be a complicated and expensive process. We utilize an extensive, nationwide network of transportation companies that we work with in order to provide cost effective shipping across the nation. We can handle all aspects of transportation so you don't have to.